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Our Latest Awards

Amaze Award 2018-19

The Amaze Award is presented to a team that has built a competition robot that clearly demonstrates overall quality. A solid mechanical design along with demonstrated robot programming, robustness, strong performance and consistency are key attributes assessed for this award.

Division Finalists Worlds 2017-18

This Award is Presented to the Teams that get to the Finals round of the VEX Robotics Competition Worlds tournament.

Tournament Champion Nationals 2017-18

This Award is Presented to the winning alliance of the VEX Robotics Competition tournament.

Excellence Award 2017-18

This is the highest award presented in the VEX Robotics Competition. The recipient of this award is a team that exemplifies overall excellence in building a well-rounded VEX robotics program. This team excels in many areas and is a shining example of dedication, devotion, hard work and teamwork. As a strong contender in numerous award categories, this team deserves to be recognized for building a quality robot and a “team” committed to quality in everything that they do.


OUR Robots

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Flying Squirrel 2921X








The Story that Make us who we are


The Beginnning

We are a group of mostly homeschooled students in Auckland, New Zealand, who are enthusiastic about the fields of science, engineering, and robotics. We believe that in working as a team we can achieve great results. We have been competing in the VEX Robotics Competition since it first came to New Zealand in 2008. In our first year, we were the World Programming Skills Champions, and then the following year we were World Tournament Champions. Back over here, we have been National Tournament Champions four times, National Design Award Champions twice, and we have also been National Excellence Award winners, the greatest award presented at a competition. Each year we have qualified and been fortunate enough to travel to America to compete in the World Championships up till 2014 We work as a team to develop multiple robots and we believe this is the key to success.


In The Zone

On the 25th February 2018 Free Range Robotics entered 3 robots to compete in the New Zealand National Championships. This competition was played out over 2 days with 168 qualification matches being played before moving onto the final knockout stage of the competition. Free Range Robotics Team Douglas not only placed first in the qualifying stages of the competition they went onto the the final stages and along with their alliance partners were crowned tournament champions. Team Douglas was also the recipient of the coveted overall Excellence Award.


Turning Point

National finalists. Took part in World competition, Division finalists.


Tower Takeover

National finalists. Qualified for Worlds but decided to skip this year due to COVID-19


Change Up

All team robots have been performing well during scrimmages. Ready for the Nationals

Our Amazing Team

Our 2021 Members

Ethan Dew

Team Leader, Little Cap Driver, Code Team

Gabriel Wheeler

Co-Team Leader, Big Cap Driver & Build Team

Hana Morrow

Little Cap Drive Team Coach & Build Team

Ishua Morrow

Big Cap Build Team

Shaun Cole-Baker

Scouting, Big Cap Build Team & Code Team

Christian Witt

Big Cap Co-Driver, Code Team

Sponsors & Fundraising

How we fund our journey

To continue to be successful, we rely on sponsorship and donations, as well as many hard hours of fundraising. As a homeschool team we receive no school funding, so sponsorship and donations are essential to keep us on top of the competition with the latest and greatest equipment. Free Range Robotics is keen to form ongoing relationships with relevant companies in the tech/robotics industry. If you would like to know more or have an opportunity to discuss, please get in touch with our Chairman, Julian Wheeler on our

Sponsorship Includes:

Logos / signage on pit area and team uniform. Team Members will professionally represent the Sponsor and wear appropriate apparel or signage, Use of the Robot at promotional events etc (wherever possible, by arrangement), The robot will represent the Sponsor at all competitions and Promotional material will be distributed to media regarding the team and Sponsor.

Exposure & Media Opportinities:

Profile and promotional distribution at events, crowd sizes range from 200 to 1,000 plus, Promotional events, Corporate / Sponsors functions. This will give the team a competitive edge and allow them to professionally represent the Sponsor in all situations.

How We Use the Funds:

As a small, independent club Free Range Robotics really appreciates any support we receive from sponsors and can assure you that every cent is spent wisely on furthering the STEM education of our students. The Royal Society generously provides a grant towards the travel expenses of attending the World Championships, but there is still a considerable sum to raise to cover the full cost and there is a continual need for new equipment, particularly this year as a new version of the VEX Brain / Controller has been released which we need to purchase several in order to compete realistically with other teams. We also believe it is important that our students are personally involved in helping raise funds for new equipment and travel expenses and are proud of the way the whole club is assisting the team that is heading to the USA for the World Championships.

How We Fundraise

Current Fundraisers
Sausage Sizzles, Car Washes
Past Fundraisers
Bake Sales, Garage Sales, Odd jobs, Raffles, Skateparties, Parkour with Flow Academy
Future Fundraisers
Photography Session, Busking, Quiz Night

Our Current Sponsors

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